Chemical industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical

In the field of chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs, Fu Le Wei screw centrifuge and separator have been widely used:

  • Lactose and casein production in dairy industry
  • Separation of plastic products – plastic recovery
  • Algal harvest
  • Soybean milk and soybean protein production
  • Dried bean dregs
  • Wheat starch production
  • Sludge dehydration in dairy, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Polyvinyl chloride dehydration
  • Dehumidification of suspended polymer
  • Food production

Chemical, petrochemical and white Industrial Biotechnology

In chemical and white biotechnology, mechanical separation technology is also an important part of many machining processes. The fuller spiral centrifuge and separator can clarify liquids, separate liquid mixtures, classify solids, dehydrate solids and extract contents.
In the petrochemical industry, the dehydration of PVC is very important. PVC, which is dehydrated by Fuller’s horizontal centrifuge, has very low residual humidity, so it can save the cost of subsequent hot drying process.

Separation of plastic products – plastic recovery

Centrifuges also play a very important role in the separation of plastic products and recycling of plastics. The Sorticanter centrifuge, which is designed by fulway, is particularly capable of ensuring economical recovery of plastics by separating different types of plastics.


Algae are raw materials in many industrial branches. JNKJ provides an innovative technology for efficient algae harvesting. The algae concentrate is dehydrated to 22 – 25% solid content. Only the special horizontal centrifuge can efficiently concentrate fine and soft algal cells.

Products suitable for this kind of use

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