Edible oil and fat/biofuel

Use centrifuge to recover oil and fat and produce biofuels.

Centrifuges are often the key components in the process of extracting oil or fat and producing biofuels. Centrifuges are used in different fields:

  • Extraction of olive oil
  • Production and clarification of palm oil
  • Clarification of rapeseed oil
  • Clarified press oil
  • Production of bioethanol by JNKJ horizontal centrifuge: dehydration of kettle to reduce energy consumption
  • Biodiesel production: glycerol separation of biodiesel, washing of biodiesel, fine clarification of biodiesel, removal of sugar based flavonoids, glycerin processing and salt washing
  • Processed animal corpse
  • Processing slaughterhouse garbage / by-products
  • Production of surimi
  • Processed fish and fish products
  • Processing rubber to recover animal fat and process rubber, recover animal fat, deal with waste water in tannery, and deal with tannery waste.
  • Enalgy – efficient algal harvest and extraction of algal oil
In the extraction process of olive oil or palm oil, the oily plant parts (seeds, fruits and skins) are extruded and milled. The vegetable oil contained in it is collected and purified and processed by centrifugal clarification and separation technology in many processing processes.


In the extraction process of rapeseed oil or pressed oil, it is critical to obtain the highest yield rate in the most mild way. The JNKJ horizontal centrifuge and separator designed specifically for this purpose can bring key optimization to the whole process.


In the production of bioethanol and biodiesel, the horizontal screw centrifuge and separator are widely used. The goal of all methods is to ensure future energy supply and achieve maximum economic benefits.
Recovery of animal carcasses and processing of slaughterhouse refuse can ensure that
Extract fat and animal protein efficiently and economically.


The production of surimi and processing of fish and fish products can achieve higher output, lower process cost and higher market value.


Centrifuges also have many applications in handling tanning materials and recovering animal fat. Overall, the amount of waste disposal decreased significantly, and valuable fat was also recovered.


Efficient algae harvesting and algal oil extraction can be achieved by Enalgy. This will greatly reduce harvesting and investment costs and obtain high-quality algae concentrates at lower reprocessing costs.

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