Alfa Laval channel partner programme

Growing our businesses together

Every one of our channel partners is important to us. They are a core part of how we do business, helping us achieve a global presence in the marketplace. That’s why we are dedicated to helping each of our channel partners grow.

Becoming an Authorized, Certified or Master Alfa Laval channel partner provides you with tools and support that aid in growing your business from new and existing customers.


The Authorized Partner level opens up access to new tools that help your business run more efficiently and give your people new skills, while placing limited demands on your time and resources.



Taking the step to become a Certified Partner means bringing our businesses closer together to create new opportunities for mutual growth. When you become a Certified Partner, we draw up a business plan detailing future growth targets and development activities.



Becoming a Master Partner means a high level of mutual engagement. This creates opportunities that only a global market leader can provide. Our specialists collaborate closely with Master Partners to strengthen your market position. That involves tailored, in-depth training that supports your sales efforts by making your staff highly knowledgeable about Alfa Laval products and services.

Discover your new business opportunities

If you want to get in touch with our channel managers to learn more about the Alfa Laval channel partner programme, please visit contact us.