Municipal sludge

Desiccation and concentration of silt by using a decanter centrifuge.

JNKJ has over 10 years of experience in sludge dewatering and concentration. We understand the special requirements of sewage purification plant and water resources management.

In the process of sludge dewatering and thickening, special properties of rotary drum, gearbox and control system must be ensured. Only in this way can we achieve maximum sludge dewatering and concentration. JNKJ decanter centrifuge has the latest generation of environmentally-friendly centrifuges, with the well-known quality and reliability, and the highest cost performance to stand out.

Advantage of JNKJ centrifuge for dewatering and thickening of sludge:

  • Compared with other decanter centrifuges, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.
  • Saving fresh water – fresh water is needed only when dealing with polymersolutions.
  • The highest cost performance.
  • Because of its sound proof enclosure, there is no need for other sound insulation measures.
  • The machine is very space saving and easy to maintain.
  • It can conveniently replace the wear proof parts on site and reduce the shutdown time to the minimum.

Products suitable for this kind of use

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