Principle of solid-liquid separation technology

The horizontal snail centrifuge equipment developed and produced by Zhejiang Jieneng Environmental Protection Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. has been widely used in starch, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial wastewater treatment and other industries. It is a new generation of solid-liquid separation equipment that our company has carefully improved based on years of field experience. Some foundations are more efficient, more energy efficient and safer! Has won the praise of our customers. Of course, efficient, energy-saving, and safe solid-liquid separation production is inseparable from the correct use and operation of solid-liquid separation equipment. Let’s take a look at the structural characteristics and application range of the horizontal screw centrifuge for solid-liquid separation equipment.
Structural features of decanter centrifuge:
First, the work performance is stable: the differential used by the horizontal screw centrifuge is the two-stage involute planetary gear differential speed, the cycloidal pin differential, the working temperature is low, the transmission torque is large, and the performance is reliable. The design of the anti-blocking device of the screw ejector can greatly improve the power and greatly reduce the torque of the device itself, thereby making the working performance more stable.
Second, the process is strong: the horizontal screw centrifuge adopts the dual-motor double-conversion energy feedback differential speed system for flexible stepless adjustment and online intelligent control, and can adjust the speed and differential speed at any time according to the change of materials. For the best energy saving effect.
Third, the degree of automation is high: the processes of feeding, separating, unloading, etc. of the horizontal screw centrifuge are continuously and automatically performed under high-speed operation, and the programmable control system is used to realize automatic control of the centrifugation and separation processes.
Fourth, the safety performance is reliable: the horizontal screw centrifuge is equipped with protection measures such as torque protection and power control, which can effectively eliminate or reduce damage caused by sudden failures. All transmission systems are provided with safety protection covers.
Fifth, the noise is low: the cover is designed with double layer and sound insulation layer, and the cover and the bearing seat adopt a new type of sealing structure, and the precise dynamic balance makes the noise drop significantly.
Sixth, the processing volume is large: the processing capacity of the new decanter centrifuge is greatly improved by adopting advanced technical processes to deepen the liquid pool, lengthen the straight drum, and increase the structure of the clear phase diversion hole on the spiral.
Seventh, the work site environment is good: the separation of materials by the horizontal screw centrifuge is carried out under completely closed conditions to ensure that the operation site is clean and pollution-free, and keep the production environment clean and hygienic, and achieve clean production.
Application range of decanter centrifuge:
Liquid phase clarification: used to remove solid particles from the suspension to obtain a clear liquid
Solid phase dehydration: The solid particles used to treat the material are dehydrated.
Particle size classification: used to remove solid particles with larger particle size in the feed liquid.

That is an overview of the horizontal screw centrifuge of Jeneng Technology solid-liquid separation equipment. For more information on solid-liquid separation equipment, sewage treatment equipment, centrifuges, horizontal centrifuges, please contact us directly: 13085670050 Zhejiang Jieneng Environmental Protection Technology equipment company warmly welcomes friends from all walks of life to call us to discuss business! At the same time, we sincerely welcome you to visit Zhejiang Jieneng Environmental Protection Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.
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